Quality Agistment

Bradbury Park  (main farm)

Offers quality agistment for Mares (dry and wet), foals, weanlings, yearlings and spellers.  With the farm being majority hedging and the remaining fencing being replaced to become suitable for Horses, every possibility to ensure your horse is safe and sound has been made.

A 12 horse barn was established and built by Casey and his Uncle Kev 2011, in  which it was outgrown quickly therefore now the Barn’s encompass 22 boxes including a Maternty Unit.  New Colt Yards were built when Casey & Michelle purchased the farm with additional 12 built over the 2012 & 2013 seasons.  The Foaling Unit continues to increase with foaling down numbers therefore a permanent foaling hut (for foal watch staff) was built however in May 2016 a whole new unit was constructed.

Purchase of Neighbouring Farm May 2016

Casey and Michelle had set themselves a personal goal to in time be able to expand and had their eye on the Neighbouring farm.  It would link perfectly and cease the additional requirement of a Run Off and the traveling expenses that property encompassed.  In May 2016 this goal turned into reality.  Development of the New Farm was underway, all existing Dairy fencing was removed & replaced with horse fencing.  New Treatment Yard was constructed, 4 large boxes for the maternity ward is being constructed, 6 mare and foal small day paddocks, Foal Hut refurbished by Casey Dando, new lighting infrastructure for the night paddock and foaling down paddocks.  The new farm allowing to segregate the operation for the Maternity and Yearling divisions of Bradbury Park.

Run Off – 

Operating 100 acres, with land of various contours, Bradbury Park has a 20 acre Run Off  located two Roads away, where the Bloodstock flush and grow.  The rolling & flat contour is a tool to assist with young stock growth.  This property compliments the precision and dedication Casey and Michelle have to caring for Bloodstock.

As majority of farms you approach and view that specialise in the Thoroughbred Industry express their quality, Bradbury Park’s point of difference is that not only is a farm new and fenced safely, our communication to the owners is of a high quality standard. It could be a phone call just to say your horse is doing really well or an email with a photo attached.

 Prior to owning Bradbury Park Michelle and Casey were passionate owners who had to agist their mares / foals elsewhere and communication was imperative but not always received so we are here to keep the owner informed, retain the passion instead of you just paying another bill.