Mares under Lights

Bradbury Park enjoy the challenge of producing a positive test the Mares in foal, therefore to support their goals they operate a covered and uncovered facility where the Dry (empty) Mare is put under lights extending her exposure to day light for a period of approximately 90 days thus bringing her body into thinking spring has come early.  Mares Under Lights is a huge benefit to an owner who is wanting an early foal by giving his mare the best opportunity to start her reproductive system cycling.

Consistently with each new breeding season commencing mares at Bradbury Park are being covered within the first two weeks.


Below is a link to NZ Thoroughbred Marketing’s Article regarding Bradbury Park and Mares Under Lights success:
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Below are figures supplied by Dave Hanlon of Matamata Veterinary Services.  Dave is Bradbury Park’s Reproductive Vet, his results are to be admired

It is interesting that the mares that are not Under Lights take longer to come in to cycling compared to Mares Under Lights