With the purchase of the neighbouring farm in May 2016, Casey was given another task, this was to set up a specifically designed Foaling Unit and the staff are loving it.


Entrance to Foaling/Maternity Area


The new unit situated at 590 Tauranga Road, Matamata encompasses Night Paddocks, 4 foaling yards, 4 maternity boxes, 4 x-fenced mare & foal paddocks.  Subsequently when the foals are strong and old enough they start moving into larger paddocks on the new farm.  The Hut has been furnished cleverly & lights have been designed and positioned to prevent blinding to drivers on the Tauranga Road.


The original Bradbury Park Foaling Unit was designed & set up by Casey Dando, however he had to use the infrastructure that was established.  Foaling at Bradbury Park has been in operation since the August 2012 season.


Maternity Boxes

Maternity Boxes – these are lovely & deep. The Mares & Foals are very settled inside them


Casey Dando is an experience horseman who has operated several foaling units in his time.  By installing a foaling unit at Bradbury Park, it has made Bradbury Park an attractive one stop shop for our Clients and their Mares.  All Dormello Stud in foal mares, will be foaled down at Bradbury Park.  When ready the Mare & Foal will head back to Dormello Stud – (45minute truck ride).


You will be comforted to know that your Mare is watched 24hrs/7days a week.  Communication with the Owner is second to none with regular photos, videos and emails.


Two minute old foal - 2014 season






New Farm Foaling Paddock & Yards

New Farm Foaling Paddock & Yards








The maternity ward (barn) encompasses a large foaling/day box for confinement and bonding with supporting Mare and Foal boxes where they are boxed at night for the first 3 – 5 days unless longer is required.


Foaling Yards

Foaling Yards July 2012